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About Us


To train, with the support of highly qualified academic staff, comprehensive, critical, creative, and innovative professionals in Business Sciences with degree in Marketing, Business Management, and Public Management capable of succeeding in organization’s management within the framework of a globalized, changing environment.


To be the School that develops continuous, innovative educational processes and professional training in Business Sciences, and to be recognized in its environment for its continuous academic accreditation, its research output, the comprehensive training of its students, and its synergic relationship with the community, and the public and private sectors.


  • Academic Development
  • Development of Investigation
  • Technological Integration
  • Nationwide Coverage


That the graduated students have the mastery in the following areas:

Knowledge: Business Management, Business Legal requirements, Accounting and Finance, Business Philosophy and Sociology, Marketing and Projects, Economics and Globalization, Operations and Logistics, Human talent and Motivation.
Skills: Business Communication, Critical Situation Analysis, Coaching Management, Team Management, Conflict Resolution, Statistical Process, Decision-Making, Self-mastery of Attitudes, Influence of Values.
Knowledge in: Social Responsibility, Critical Analysis, Social Sensibility, Managerial Ethics, Self-investigation Culture, Honorable Relationships, Participative Leadership, Win-Win Negotiation, Performance appraisal.

Learning Methodology

Since the School of Business Administration has its own Educational Model, the learning methodology is based on the following aspects of the university management:

  • Organizational Identity and Culture
  • Management Regulations and Documents
  • Teaching and Learning Process
  • Strategic Planning

The Teaching And Learning Process Is Executed Through The Following Guidelines:

  • Purpose: What is being taught-learned for?
  • Content: What should be taught-learned?
  • Follow-up: When should the teaching-learning process be done?
  • Methodology: How should the teaching-learning process be done?
  • Resources: With what should the teaching-learning process be done?
  • Evaluation: How is the teaching-learning process fulfilled?


    1. Management
    2. Pharmaceutical Sales
    1. Business Administration
    2. Marketing
    1. Business Management with Specialty
    2. Financial Administration with Specialty
    3. Marketing Management
    4. Administration and Management in Human Resources



  1. Provide documentation to Registry and Academic Control
  2. Placement test
  3. Registration payment
  4. Course’s assignment

Our Management Team

  1. Dean

    PhD. in Business Administration (DBA), Master in Education (M.Ed.), Bachelor of Economics (BEcon).

  2. Faculty’s Secretary

    Doctor in Business Administration (DBA), Master in Banking Management (MA), Bachelor of Business Administration.

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